I originally started blogging for a class assignment. I was taking an introductory Environmental Studies course, focusing on the humanistic perspective of the discipline and I began a blog, called Cooking Between Classes, to record my experiments in eating locally and preparing my own food and how easy this can actually be as a college student (especially in a town with a fantastic farmers’ market).

Since the class has ended, I’ve found there are a lot of things I want to ramble about on the internet. I am a voracious movie watcher and love sharing my thoughts on the quality (or sometimes not-so quality) films I’ve been watching. I’m also trying to become a doctor, and so within the next year I may even start to post about the arduous process of applying to medical school. Every day is starting to seem more hectic than the last, but as long as there’s good food and good films and (of course) good friends, I think I’ll be just fine.

Also, I am not all that familiar with German cinema – the name for this blog was inspired by this Lord of the Rings easter egg.


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