Blog Mitosis

I submitted on a Friday afternoon. So now all weekend I get to look at the phrase "ready for review." Joy...

Well folks, I have submitted the first part of my application to medical school. I’ve gone over my extracurricular descriptions and personal statement to the point that I think I might have them memorized. I’ve asked everyone who’s willing to read over and edit them. I tried to minimize the time I spent agonizing over whether to hit the submit button. I was moderately successful.

This is gonna be a loooong process. I have a lot more essays to write for each school’s individual secondary application. Then there’s waiting to hear if I get an interview, going to the interview and waiting to hear on acceptances. My goal for this whole process is to stay calm and to try not to check the status of my application too many times a day.

In logistical news: All cooking, baking, etc. posts have moved back to Cooking Between Classes. Sorry to keep moving everyone about, but I wanted to start narrowing the focus of my blog without losing any of my topics. So Kino will be for movie musings and my general steam-venting about applying to medical school. Cooking will be for what I’m making in the kitchen and what’s going on with food locally and nationally. Hope this isn’t too trying for my dear readers.

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